Supervising Safety - Essential People Skills

2-Day Course Programme Course Outline

The vast majority of injuries are caused by unsafe acts. Safety of the workplace can be significantly improved by activities aimed at reinforcing safe behaviours, raising awareness and taking responsibility for own and others' safety.

This course is aimed at supervisors who have to communicate, develop and manage their team in a hazardous environment. It will give them essential tools, techniques, skills and the confidence to change the way they communicate with others.

These courses can be tailored to suit business requirements. Please contact CPD directly to discuss your individual needs.

Key Objectives

  • To increase awareness and understanding of self and others
  • To appreciate the influence of values, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes in workplace performance
  • To understand and appreciate their own personal values and organisational values and how they can impact on behaviour
  • To understand how we communicate and the importance of language
  • To develop a coaching mindset and the critical skills of rapport, active listening, precision questioning and effective feedback
  • To develop competence and confidence in coaching individuals and teams
  • To be able to provide and receive positive and constructive feedback
  • To understand the impact the coach has on the coachee and how to develop and build relationships with others
  • To be able use the coaching tools and techniques for effective meetings
  • To be able to handle non performance issues


For more information about the course content or to organise your own in-house training programme please contact CPD directly.

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I believe I now have the confidence (post 5-day NLP Coaching Skills part 1 course) to interact with people and know that I have the tools to help and support them in reaching their aims / objectives. The power of active listening and good rapport is simply amazing and something that needs to be shared with as many people as possible. With the aid of coaching my colleagues and I can continue to develop a positive health and safety culture on our individual assets and within the organisation as a whole.

Federation of Small Business (Scotland) Association for Coaching